It is possible to blend a radical alternative lifestyle and still remain on the cutting edge of technology.


Over the last 40 years I have traveled aroun the world as a relief volunteer, as a videographer and writer, and have played a major role in one of the most ambitious undertakings of our times. ...more

My Lectures

My talks are designed to inspire listeners to evaluate their priorities in life and take the necessary steps to furthur their goals.


By recognizing that our limits are often self-imposed, we can move forward and realize that true fulfillment comes when we turn our energy toward service to our family, to others, and the world at large...more


Out to Change The World tells the story of the 40+ year evolution of the world's largest hippie commune to its current incarnation as a modern day ecovillage.

The Farm Then and Now examines government, spiritual values, health care and more, using The Farm Community as model for the future and sustainable living.

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"My goal is to inspire people of all ages to follow their dreams, 
to realize they have the power to make a difference in the world.


Douglas is a passionate and engaging speaker, challenging his audience to examine and question priorities as they plot a course for their life ahead.

Colorful presentations with dynamic visual imagery bring these ideas into focus, allowing the audience to connect with the concepts at a deeper level.

Students and others leave empowered to make clear, conscious decisions for setting achievable goals that will impact their future.


What People Say

Douglas’ presentation on the history, vision, and changes on The Farm was a model of inspiration, entrepreneurship, and sustainable living.  His talk was a highlight of our semester – students continued to talk throughout the rest of the semester...more