Out to Change the World, The Story of The Farm Community

For all groups, students at all levels

Without question, all people today face an uncertain future and unprecedented challenges. They also recognize that unless we as a society and a planet make fundamental changes, the citizens of earth will continue to struggle with an unpredictable climate and economy.

The story of the 40 year history of The Farm Community will hold the attention of an audience like nothing they have ever seen before.

It presents an examination of the counter culture’s impact on modern sociology, psychology and ecology and how they are expressed in an ongoing experiment in community living. The community stands today as a living example, demonstrating how humans can live together in harmony with the earth and with each other.

San Francisco and The Summer of Love: The cultural upheaval that changed the world.

Life On the Road, The Cross Country School Bus Caravan: Spreading a message of peace in turbulent times.

Back to the Land, The World’s Largest Hippie Commune: Building a town from scratch.

International Outreach: Fighting poverty on the front lines, from Guatemala to the South Bronx.

Plenty International, water systems in Guatemala

The Changeover, from Commune to Collective: Surviving Reaganomics and financial catastrophe

A Model for Sustainable Living, A Player on the World Stage: Green Construction – Renewable Energy – Protecting Nature

The Solar School at The Farm Community

Community as a Flagship and Lifeboat: Working together for strength and power in an uncertain future.

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