What People Say about Out to Change the World

out-to-change_cover-500Informative and Inspiring March 25, 2015
This fast-moving and heart-touching story of The Farm, and of Douglas’s participation in one of the great social experiments of our culture, sheds light not only on the dark side of US social and political life, but also on the positive possibilities when people work together to create a more just and peaceful world. The Farm still stands as a beacon of light in our world, and knowing the story (or at least Douglas’s version of the story) is enormously helpful in understanding the path to a better world. Highly recommended!
Will Tuttle, author of the World Peace Diet
A fascinating inside look March 8, 2016
A fascinating inside look at the daily tasks of setting up a hippie commune (and its eventual outreach extensions). Stevenson spins out this blow-by-blow narrative history in simple, direct prose, a straightforward account but with a healthy measure of author investment in the idealism (and the practices) of which he speaks.


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