Balanced Career – Balanced Life


For Freshman – Seniors

How to utilize your college experience to create a lifestyle aligned with your values.

  • Work Seamless with Your Ideals
  • Economic Independence
  • Health and Wellness
  • Permaculture – Sustainability and Synchronicity with Nature
  • Spiritual Fulfillment

Today’s students face an uncertain future and unprecedented challenges. They also recognize that unless we as a society and a planet make fundamental changes, the citizens of earth will continue to struggle with an unpredictable climate and economy. That change, begins with you.


Every student faces the critical task of choosing a career, yet few advisers talk about setting goals that establish a lifestyle which promotes health, happiness and sanity, embracing concepts such as:

Right Livelihood

Work that is seamless with your ideals and helpful to humanity.

Economic Independence

First it is about developing skills that can’t be outsourced. Next, learn marketable skills that leverage your income earning potential.

Health and Wellness

Lifestyle choices that foster good health, elements you control that will affect every aspect of your future.

Creating in a Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainability is about both caring for the environment and building relationships that can endure the ups and downs on the path of life. This is often defined under the term…


How to create life that is in sync with life force, that supports both human needs and the elemental forces of nature.

Food Security

With prices on the rise and our food supply under threat from genetic modifications and the instability of international distribution, establishing local sources, even learning to grow your own, should be an integral part of your planning for the future.

Making a Difference

Implementing real change that affects the lives of people near and far.

Spiritual Fulfillment

Charting a life path using universal moral guidelines to achieve life’s ultimate goals.

Choose a career that allows you to express your passion for life!

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